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 Welcome to Battle-ro Forums.

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Welcome to Battle-ro Forums. Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Battle-ro Forums.   Welcome to Battle-ro Forums. Icon_minitimeSat Sep 27, 2008 12:12 pm

Hi and Hellow to all Players of battle-ro same as u Im also Player of battle-ro first i will introduce my self My name is Daz Very Happy im 19 year's old, i love playing RO games. My Last RO online game is DarkRO Force this is my past RO now one of my friend while i was playing darkRO told me to try this server then i DL it to my computer, while i was downloading battle-ro i registered to their website. The 1st time i saw battle-ro i told my self "aw" why ? because there is no player OL that time and i think that was very early in the morning and the time is hmm...let me think of it ok Razz 1:00am lol! the 1st i did is to hunt gold ahah!! always everytime i DL new RO game.. the 1st come to my mind if there is a gold room? Very Happy yahh..thats true then that time for the whole the i dont have any business but just hunting gold from dokeibi i think i save almost 5-7k gold in my first day.. whew.. and im very tired ! doing that !! but i have no regrets doing that ahahh.. and look all npc's in the server NPC quest , Tool / Item Dealer and so on..and now hmm..i got azur set..but thats all.. ahhah!! and dami ko sinabi e2 lng pala and sasabhin ko sa hule =) peace!! lol! by the way thank you for reading my Comment ^^ Always Vote battle-ro everyday thank you ^^.. always avoid doing such thing that make our Staff's or GM's Irritating and Annoyed or such a thing that will make them Mad and also Avoid Breaking the Rules of the Server. Thank You..
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Welcome to Battle-ro Forums.
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