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 To all non donators

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Kill me QUICK

Kill me QUICK

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To all non donators Empty
PostSubject: To all non donators   To all non donators Icon_minitimeTue Oct 28, 2008 10:57 pm

if your complaning about how you sacrifice to get your items
well vidz and i are workin on that, we are in the process on
discussing that matter ..
and 1 more thing we the admin has more sacrifice than you do
just to make this server online again and it even cost me a fortune that
came from my on pocket.
pls be considerate, you know that we were hacked
and the database where all your accounts and items that were stored
was deleted.. and im pretty sure no
one is happy about what happen specially me..

and as you can see.. the server is still stock and not yet fully developed
so pls give us time to fixed everything.
we have a life,, i work full time and vidz is schooling.
so we are lacked of time, and when i get online at night after my work
vidz had to go to school, so we cant discuss clearly on whats goin to do on
the server coz as you all know i live here in canada and he live in the philippines
so we have a different time zone.
so PLEASE be considerate and be understanding.

like what Itachi Uchiha said
Itachi Uchiha wrote:
Mga Tol...
Alam nmn ntin ang ibig sabihin ng...
Hack ung Server dba saka ung site???
Maintindihan nmn ntin eh....
Ung Database nanakaw...
Lahat ng data ng gamit ntin....
Nakuha ng hacker....
So pano babalik gamit ntin...
Ako nga...
Dami ko na gamit dun...
Hoping na sana bumalik....
Sana nga....
Pero naiintindihan ko nangyari sa server...
Sana ganun din kayo....

Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
hope you all guys be considerate like Itachi Uchiha

-GM Bryan
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To all non donators
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